Size Doesn’t Matter: Let’s Stop Defining Ourselves By A Number On A Tag

blue gingham dress

Blue gingham dress, tall here | Similar shoes, love these too |Bamboo ark handbag | Gold double hoop earrings | Gold fill initial necklace | Similar white sunniesRose gold “soul sister” cuff

If your closet is anything like mine, you have clothes of all different sizes. I’ve got smalls, mediums, larges, extra larges, etc. And although my size exists on a spectrum, I am almost always a 12 or 14.

The funny thing is, if I fit into a piece of clothing or need to size down to a size below these numbers, I instantly feel happy and proud of myself. If I have to size up, I feel less than, and often times ashamed. For the longest time I would refuse to size up out of pride. Even if the smaller size didn’t fit well, I’d convince myself that I was going to “loose the weight” to fit into said item (this is the WORST). And if I did muster up the courage to buy the larger size, I’d cut the tags off, and feel disgusted with myself every time I wore the piece.

About 6 months ago I purchased a size 14 top, and it was too small. When I realized it didn’t fit, I nearly broke down into tears. I felt so humiliated.  I knew that if I wanted the shirt to fit I would need to order a size 16, and I refused to do that because that would be “accepting” that I was a size 16 (this is what I call size-up scaries). The incident ruined my entire evening.

The opposite happened when I tried on this blue gingham dress. I ordered a size 12 Tall, and it was HUGE. I found myself getting really happy and excited that I needed to exchange the dress for 1 or 2 sizes down….but why? I hadn’t lost any weight. I’ve actually gained a few lbs lately due to non-stop vacations and treat-yoself days💁🏽, even though I do workout regularly. I hadn’t accomplished some big feat or changed the world…I just happened to need a smaller dress size.

So it got me thinking. Why do we let something as small as a number on a tag effect us so much? I see this with some of my closest friends and loved ones, and it’s something almost everyone does subconsciously. Sure, if we’re trying to lose weight, getting down to a specific size can feel satisfying…but it shouldn’t make or break us.

A size is just a way to help us understand how a piece of clothing will fit our body based off of inconsistent measurement references. It’s a number. It does not define our worth, and shouldn’t determine our happiness.

So starting today, I refuse to be defined by a number on a tag. The next time I try something on in my “normal size” and it’s too small, I will happily size up. And when I need to size down, I will take it with a grain of salt.

I will remember that no matter what size I’m wearing, I am worthy of love and respect. We all are.

Let’s stop defining ourselves by a number on a tag. Will you join me?


blue gingham dress

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blue gingham dress

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ps: I am exchanging my dress for a 10 tall! Size down if you order, and get the tall version if you don’t love your dresses super short.


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